Welcome to Mindspace.

A qualitative consultancy
where we bring thoughts and ideas to life.

Whether it's branding, product development, marketing strategy, design materials, customer satisfaction or corporate health we'll give you the insight and direction to successfully move forward.

We've got all the tools of the trade in terms of research methodology -  focus groups, depth interviewsaccompanied shops, in-situ observations -  or whatever it takes to get into the mind of who is using or affected by your product or service.  

We listen to what people say and intrpret all feedback with energy and enthusiasm, bringing the power of knowledge to your business.

knowlege is power

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Clare Wade, owner and director of Mindspace.

Clare is an independent market research consultant with extensive experience across all sorts of markets and sectors (see examples of clients' logos above). Projects range from huge and sophisticated challenges to simple start-up support, and she and her team give every project the dedication it needs to deliver a winning strategy or plan.

Clare's background is in account planning for major advertising agencies, taking responsibility for the commissioning and management of research projects for high profile national brands.

As an independent consultant she now focuses on conducting consumer research that informs product positioning, branding, marketing strategy, segmentation and targeting and the development of communication materials designed to attract specific audience sectors.

If more researchers are needed to work on a project Clare will bring in senior professionals from a team of national specialist researchers - the acclaimed ICG.

We spend proper time making sure your project is well planned.
Why are you doing the research, what's it going to tell you?  We'll ask what you intend to do with it so we're all clear from the start and can set definitive objectives. (Nothing worse than a survey that has been created and nurtured which then goes in a drawer to languish unloved and wasted.)
What's the best way to approach your problem in terms of research methodology and who we talk to? We'll discuss this with you and give you good reasons for the recommendations.
How far are you prepared to go with new ideas? Step out of your comfort zone in exploring ways forward to see how much brighter you can shine?  Love the client who allows creativity in research and enjoys thinking about ways we can get the most out of people.
By the end of the project you will be able to stand in the customer's shoes and know exactly what they're thinking, and be able to really move forward with everything you've discovered.

we might ask...

Is your proposition up to date - what is your proposition?

Is your finger on the pulse, what's the competition doing?

Will new ideas float and how do you get them launched?

Does your customer like what you're doing, what are their kpi's?

What's the small detail that could ignite your brand?


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Price and Online Focus Groups.

Guideline charges are around £2k per focus group, although prices obviously depend on the nature and scale of the project (and there may be some nip and tuck to meet your budget). There may be travel and venue hire costs on top, plus the production of any materials to prompt responses (layouts, rough ads, mood boards etc).

Mindspace also has a brilliant online product which is based on web-conferencing where people link in to the moderator's screen while we talk on the phone, and because everything is digital there are none of the above extra costs. Happy to give a demo on this any time.


  • Address:
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  • Scotland UK
  • Contact Details:
  • Tel: 01337 810494
  • Mobile: 07715 608801
  • Email: clare@q-mindspace.co.uk

Focus Groups

Qualitative focus groups are what we do most of, given their value as a forum for debate and as a means of encouraging people to share and develop ideas about a product, service or brand. Sessions generate valuable customer insight which we interpret into constructive advice to support strategy and development.

Focus groups are conducted face-to-face and also online, using our bespoke web conference facility which is specially tailored for qualitative market research.


Depth Interviews

One-to-one research interviews are often used for B2B research, or where the subject is sensitive or confidential, or where it is difficult to bring people together in a focus group. Depth interviews generate a huge amount of marketing insight and can be conducted as telephone interviews, face-to-face or online.


Accompanied Shops

I love these and they should be used much more often than they are. The interviewer 'goes shopping' with the respondent and basically observes first-hand the shopping experience, be it buying butter in a supermarket, opening a bank account or viewing a house they might buy or rent. The opportunity to observe, record and understand the customer point of view is live, real and a really valuable form of customer insight, and always enhances the overall market research project.


In-situ Observations

Also known as ethnographic market research, this involves observing people in their natural environment while they use or consume products or services. For example, watching an elderly person open a packet of something and the difficulties they might encounter; or to see the real vs claimed contents of someone's fridge or larder; or tracking how they use a website on their own computer (rather than in a formal usability studio) are all generators of fascinating consumer insight and extremely useful in marketing development


Career and background

I started my career at TBWA Advertising in the Account Planning department, moving on to other advertising agencies to set up and run their marketing information departments. I then joined Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) as an Account Planner when the hugely successful Levi and Audi advertising campaigns were created, and from there to HPI International Research as a Senior Research Exec.

I moved to Scotland as Planning Director (Board) of Hall Advertising, and having decided to go freelance set up Mindspace as an independent market research consultancy based in Fife. Outside advertising and research, I am a Governor at St Leonards School in St Andrews with other interests in contemporary dance, youth musical theatre, locally produced food, Scottish tourism and fresh air and exercise.